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Would you like to become a special friend to one of the horses at our horse rescue? By setting up a recurring monthly donation, you provide crucial support for an unwanted horse, guaranteeing a steady stream of funds for its feed, medicine, and healthcare.

Join our community of valued sponsors. A recurring monthly donation to our horse rescue secures the well-being of an unwanted horse by ensuring consistent funding for its feed, medicine, and healthcare. Alternatively, you can contribute monthly to support the care of all of our horses.

Horse Rescue Donations

Allie, Mare, Mustang, 17, Companion

Amelia, Mare, Thoroughbred, 19, Rideable

Apollo, Gelding, Arabian, 30, Companion

Archie, Gelding, Thoroughbred, 12, Rideable

Atlas, Gelding, 15-17, Companion

Bailey, Mare, Fox Trotter, 28, Child Safe

Cax, Mare, Quarter Horse, 9, Rideable

Checker, Gelding, Quarter Horse Mix, 22, Rideable

Chica, Mare, 15-17, Polo Pony, Advanced Riders

Colorado, Gelding, Arabian, 32, Companion

Cookie, Mare, Shetland Pony, 24, Companion

Fonzie, Gelding, Arabian, 28, Companion

Frosty, Gelding, Quarter Horse, 12, Rideable

Goldie, Mare, Quarter Horse, 8, Companion

Gypsy, Mare, Arabian, 17, Rideable

Hershey, Mare, Mustang Mix, 8, Companion

Lady, Mare, Quarter Horse, 17, Child Safe

Magic, Mare, Mixed Pony, 9, Companion

MariGraw, Mare, Hackney, 12, Companion

Paris, Mare, Andalusian, 8, Companion

Pegassie, Mare, Thoroughbred, 15, Companion

Precios, Mare, Qarter Horse, 17, Rideable

Rhonda, Mare, 13, Rideable

Rosie, Mare, Thoroughbred, 12, Companion

TK, Gelding, Mixed Pony, Child Safe

Sage, Mare, Arabian, 15, Companion

Traveler, Gelding, Arabian, 20, Companion

Willie, Gelding, Fox Trotter, 26, Child Safe

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100% of donations cover costs for feed, hay, boarding, training, vet bills, farrier and more. We can save horses because of donors like you! All donations are tax deductible.